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International Journal of Mental Health, Psychosocial Work and Counselling in Areas of Armed Conflict: Official Journal of the War Trauma Foundation Intervention is a publication of the War Trauma Foundation published thrice yearly, and is an international multidisciplinary journal of mental health, psychosocial work, and counselling in areas of armed conflict. It makes trauma treatment accessible to victims of war, terror and organized violence throughout the world. The audience for this journal includes mental health workers such as psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and psychiatric nurses, and also counsellors, psychosocial workers and community workers, staff members of NGO's developing mental health or psychosocial projects, and international experts in the field. The Foundation is currently active in 18 war-torn countries throughout the world. Intervention is an essential tool in spreading the latest information gained from the practical experience of field workers, so that their findings can inspire and support others carrying out similar interventions. Readers have access to evaluations of current projects involving victims of armed conflict. Translations make the content accessible to field workers operating in regions where armed conflict is prevalent, and readers can apply general problems that may relate to their situation via specific case reports. Specific content includes:
  • Current projects: descriptions and evaluations of current projects in the fields of community mental health, counselling or psychosocial work, including training approaches for local professionals
  • Case reports describing individual cases that are illustrative in some way of a more general problem
  • Literature reviews
  • Original articles
  • Book reviews
  • Abstract summaries of articles published in Arabic, French, Sinhala, Spanish, and Tamil
  • E-mail notification of new issues as posted
  • Pay-per-view articles available
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