Tensiómetro WelchAllyn Durashock DS44.

70,18 € 58,00 €
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Características Diseño exclusivo integrado, montado en el manguito que es compacto y ligero para facilitar su uso. El indicador rota 360º para permitir su visión desde cualquier ángulo.El protecto de plástico blando alrededor de la esfera mejora la protección
? The first and only aneroid sphygmomanometer made without gears, it meets or exceeds AAMI SP9 specifications for shock resistance, and maintains its performance characteristics after a 30-inch drop onto a hard surface ? Revolutionary gauge and cuff design allows for an extremely low profile and more convenient readings, handling, and storage ? About half the weight of a traditional sphygmomanometer, it will not weigh down your lab coat ? Only gauge that snaps directly into the cuff for fast, easy cuff changes ? The gauge rotates 360° for easy viewing ? First and only cuff designed for accurate application to the brachial artery of either arm for more convenient measurements ? Innovative two-tone cuff is faster and easier to orient and apply, especially in low-light conditions ? One-Piece Cuff eliminates the need to remove or replace bladders and is more durable than traditional cuffs ? Latex-free cuff is easy to clean, disinfect, or sterilize ? Optional color bumper variety pack allows you to change among four bumpers in red, green, navy, and purple.
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