Up ToDate 2013

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The idea behind UpToDate is relatively simple, but totally unique. Every day, clinicians have questions about patient care. Patients have questions about their health as well. Why not recruit a faculty of experts to answer those questions, keep the information updated, and create a format that's easy to use? And why not also provide all of the necessary background information to understand why the recommendations are being made? UpToDate does all that and much more. UpToDate is a worldwide clinical community that you can be part of and benefit from. UpToDate is the largest clinical community in the world dedicated to synthesizing knowledge for clinicians and patients. Our community includes over 4,400 expert clinicians who function as authors, editors and peer reviewers and over 400,000 users who provide feedback and questions to our editorial group. Our role is to facilitate interaction among members of the healthcare community and to synthesize and disseminate information in order to help clinicians provide better care. UpToDate answers your clinical questions. UpToDate is an electronic information resource available via the Web and mobile devices. With UpToDate, you can get specific, detailed answers to your clinical questions from the office, exam room or bedside. Over 80 million patient-related problems are researched each year with UpToDate.
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